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About Us

     Meaggan's Pampered Pet Sitting LLC is operated from right inside our home on a daily basis and is managed by my lovely 6 year old, Makenzie, while I take the orders!  She has expressed her love for animals and reminds me more of myself every single day.  I also have an 9 year old son named Jayden and he goes to work with me when he isn't busy playing sports and hanging out with his friends. My husband (Jordan) is also a big part of this business in so many ways and will start being more involved with the business side of things very soon!  He encouraged me to take the leap and do something that I could enjoy doing! Last, but certainly not least, our furry family Ruby and Belle. Ruby has been the biggest trooper through this journey.  She is such an amazing dog and we all love her like crazy! Belle is our newest addition and we are already loving watching her grow.

  I decided after working in an animal clinic for over 5 years that I was ready to be at home more with my family so that I could enjoy my children and my husband.  The best part of this new journey has been meeting all of the excellent pet owners all over Indianapolis. It has been such a blessing to be able to do something I am so passionate about while spending time with my family and teaching my children a good work ethic!


  My experience in the Veterinary field is followed with an education at Harrison College for an Associate's degree in Veterinary Technology.  I believe my training and education allow clients to be able to rest assured that their animals are in excellent hands. I personally believe that you can not put a price on peace of mind for your animals when you can not be around and that is the main goal for us at Meaggan's Pampered Pet Sitting.